How New Lotus Web can help you?

New Lotus Web is a digital company that brings together experts from various backgrounds to provide an unique online marketing service experience on personal development, coaching.

Copywriting, Strategy and Funnel Monetization in personal development and coaching



We provide creative welness copywriters and deliver marketing content with high conversion ratios in all industries.



We provide our personnal development expertise and will execute your marketing strategy in an efficient, cost effective way.


Funnel Monetization

We provide the best marketing strategies in astrology to increase your email campaign conversion ratio.

Personal Development

We provide perfect strategies that are, tailor made to enable you to achieve great heights in your personal development.
Our program includes tools and techniques dedicated, to increase your sense of purpose, understand your inner self and will improve certain aspects of your life.


We have several coaching programs that were custom made to guide clients who need a helping hand, a listening ear and most importantly advice to support them through their personal journey and projects. We are here to help and we care immensely.


We also provide an automated astrological chart alongside our strategy, copywriting and marketing tools. This service will assist those who are sensitive to the spiritual realm and will help navigate clients towards achieving success.

Well Being

Are you stressed out, overwhelmed or a victim of “burn-out”? We offer a range of programs that will help guide you through the uncertainty of life with serenity and harmony.


New Lotus Web is a digital wellness company that focuses on personal development and delivery of high value digital content in astrology, wellness and hypnosis.
We believe in the digital marketing powered by technology, data analysis, user engagement and excellent customer service in one of the world’s largest and rapidly growing industries – the Wellness Industry.
Our experts like personal development coaches and astrologers have a combined total of 50 years of experience in their respective fields.


We have an international presence with different language groups.

We can assist in the following markets:

  • The English speaking market
  • The Spanish speaking market
  • The French speaking market
  • The Japanese speaking market
  • The Portuguese speaking market
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Our content strategy is based on development of customised products and services with fresh and useful content.

Each product is based on a multi-channel direct marketing strategy and broadcasted to millions of subscribers.

Our trusted acquisition strategies ensure a steady stream of prospect growth.

Customer loyalty strategies create long term relationships with New Lotus Web customers.

Data management strategies are used to target clients with a high degree of accuracy thanks to Inbound marketing.